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Salt Box Series

The Salt Box style barn series are truly an example of New England’s Yankee ingenuity. The Salt Box is a structure with a loft or a second story on the front portion of the building, and a single story toward the rear. The Salt Box was created to avoid Queen Anne’s taxation of the two-story house in England’ newest Colony. The salt box’s rear roof line descends to the height of a single story structure thus making it exempt from taxation. In those days there was no tax on a 1-story building. Brilliant! It was called a salt box since the roof adaptation made it resemble the actual box with the same name.

The Salt Box can be either a single story barn or a two story barn. Approximately 75% of the buildings overall footprint square footage is available for second floor apartment, storage etc.

The Salt Box can be set-up with a cathedral ceiling, a simple loft, or a livable second floor with a 40 pound per square foot residential floor load capacity. Access to the second floor varies with size from a simple ladder, pull down stairs, or a full set of hearty hemlock built in stairs.

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Available Depths:
4’ - 42’ or more

Typical or Common Depths:
18’, 20’, 24’, 26’, 28

Available Lengths:
8’ – 120’ or more

Typical or Common Lengths:
12’, 18’, 24’, 30’, 36’, 42’, 48’


Smaller Salt Box Barns
  • Garden or Potting Shed
  • Tool Shed
  • Maple Sugar Shack
  • Smoke House
  • Out House
  • Wendy House
  • Firewood Shelter
  • Fort
  • Pool Cabana
Larger Salt Box Barns
  • Barn Home
  • Garage / Tractor Barn
  • Workshop
  • Horse Barn
  • Hunting Cabin / Cabin
  • Studio
  • Accessory Building
  • Garage & Apartment
  • Guest House


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The photos shown on this website present the different products and styles Harvest Moon offers, and may include photos of structures that may not have been built directly by Harvest Moon.

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