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Here at Harvest Moon Timber Frame we instill “Old World” heritage into all of our exceptional post and beam timber frames that we design, engineer, and cut for “You”, our cherished customer.

Our process is a unique blend of twentieth century technology and old world craftsmanship. Through the years, we have been expanding our knowledge and skill of working with heavy timbers to consistently produce finely crafted timber frame kits for your barn or home.

Each year, throughout this land, we lose more and more historic timber frame barns and the significant memories they contain. Our building plans strive to retain the barn traditions we have grown to admire and love in structures across the country.

There is something about a timber frame building that conveys a warm, rustic feel. Many of us have images of a barn, or farm-house that has made a lasting impression on us. We feel it is our duty to try and create new memories for future generations of “barn lovers”.

Our clients choose timber frame designs for their simplicity, beauty and synergy with the environment around them.

Solid and rugged, our timber frame structures are the essence of traditional timber framing, utilizing oak pegged mortise and tenon joinery. No metal splines or brackets are used. With the weight of the structure concentrated on the frame, the interior and outer walls remains largely open and unobstructed.

Look through our web site and review our offerings. When you work with us, we know you will be pleased with the quality of our joinery and our attention to detail. Also, our experienced designers would welcome the opportunity to create a custom timber frame structure to meet your needs.


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The photos shown on this website present the different products and styles Harvest Moon offers, and may include photos of structures that may not have been built directly by Harvest Moon.

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